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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keyword Research

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Keywords is where it all starts.

If you do it right, people are going to find you.

You need traffic that converts into leads or sales, not just traffic. So need to make sure you are getting the right traffic by picking the right keywords.

5 Steps to Keyword Success:

  1. Build your keyword list
  2. Research your ideal customer
  3. Understand your keyword metrics
  4. Match the customer journey
  5. Refine your keyword list

Tools to use to start building your keyword list:

You are looking for keywords that you think a site visitor will type into Google to find a business like yours.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest (see keyword ideas – type in a keyword, if SD is under 40 it is easier to rank for it, see which sites are being ranked for that keyword)
  • Wikipedia (will give you keyword ideas)

Understand your ideal customer and their Goals:

Your customer has a problem that you are trying to solve.

They go through a journey before they arrive at your solution (and buy your product or service).

To find out more about your customer and what problems people are facing:

  • Go to forums or message boards – put into Google “keyword” + “forums”
  • Go to Wikipedia and see what people are looking for
  • Go to Reddit and see what things people are interested in by seeing what things are up-voted
  • Go to Ubersuggest – type in keyword ideas and click on the RELATED, also CONTENT IDEAS
  • Google Trends (type in keywords and see what is trending which allows you to see where the market is heading)
  • Quora (see what questions people are asking)
  • Google Results (put your keywords into Google and see the results)

Use Facebook Audience Insights to get data on your Site Visitors

Set up Facebook Audience Insights – as you will get to understand your customers in a broader sense; what they are interested in, their lifestyle, demographics and so much more.

The way you figure this out is to install a Facebook pixel on your website, to do this go to Facebook Pixel Guide.

This will track the data on your website so you will get a picture of who is visiting your site and help you determine which keywords you should go after.

  • Login to Facebook and click on Pixels
  • Create the Pixel and name it
  • Install it
  • View and copy the code into your header

Then FB will give you insights.

See what Keywords you already Rank for:

Go to Google Search Console and see what keywords you are already ranking for on your site.

Or you can go to Ubersuggest and click on Traffic Analyzer.

Understanding your ideal customer

220 Profitable Buyer Keywords

Understanding your keyword metrics

You need to understand is your keyword’s Search Volume and look at how much they would cost to buy if you were using Paid Ads, as the most lucrative keywords are the ones most likely to convert.

Refine your Keyword List

You have finished building your keyword list – now you need to refine it.

Keep refining and refining.

Evaluate, group and rank keywords by importance and competition, search volume and all the metrics you gathered previously.

Any given page of your website can focus on a variety of keywords, so you can include long-tail keywords to drive traffic too.

Keyword Research Guide



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