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How to add button shortcodes to your WordPress page

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Having the ability to add a button to any text area is great, allowing you to push your site visitors to other site pages, external URLs or highlight a PDF download easily.

There are a many options when adding buttons to your website.

For examples of what is possible, see below.

Unlimited colour options

100’s of icon options

Icon Positions

Button Button

Width Options




How to add a Button

To add a button, put your cursor where you would like the button to go, click on INSERT SHORTCODE and then choose BUTTON.

Then fill out the fields you are presented with:

  • Button URL: URL you would like the button to link to (if it is a PDF, upload it to media & then click on it and grab the URL – see copy url field)
  • Button Colour: Choose a colour from the dropdown (at the bottom of the dropdown is your theme highlight colour) or choose a custom colour
  • Button Size: Normal or full-width
  • Button Target: Choose NEW WINDOW if the button URL is on a different website, or a PDF as you will want these to open in a new window
  • Button Text: What you like the button to say
  • Button Class: LEAVE BLANK
  • Icon Align: If you would like your button to have an icon, choose where it should sit (left or right) and select the icon you would like.



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