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How to add a PDF to your site

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There are 3 ways to add a PDF to your site:

Option One: Make it a button

The first option is to make it a button, which site visitors will click on.

For details on how to do this – check out this tutorial on how to add buttons to your site

Option Two: Add it as a hyperlink

The second option is to add the PDF as a hyperlink on the page.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. Upload the PDF to Media

From your dashboard, upload your PDF to the MEDIA section

Once uploaded it will look like this:

PDF in Media section

Click on it and copy the URL (where it says COPY LINK) – everything that is uploaded to the site gets given an unique URL:

Copy link

Now you have the URL of the PDF, go to the page where you want insert the PDF.

2. Link words to PDF

Highlight the words on the page you want to link to the PDF (e.g. DOWNLOAD THE PDF) & click on the CHAIN ICON at the top of the text box:

A box will appear – paste the URL of the PDF (that you copied from MEDIA) into the box:

Paste the URL of the PDF

 And click on the ARROW (apply).

When site visitors click on your PDF, you want the PDF to open in a new tab – so to do this:

Click on the pencil to make the COG appear, then click on the cog:

cog appears

This will open a box – tick the box to OPEN IN A NEW TAB: 

tick to open in new tab


Now you go to the front-end of your website – you will have the PDF hyperlinked, looking something like this:

As it does not look so hot, it is better to change the name, just type on the hyperlink to change it – so it looks something like this:

Download the PDF


Option Three: Upload the PDF directly to the Page

Put your cursor where you want to add the PDF

Click on ADD MEDIA (just above the text box):

Upload the PDF from your computer & click INSERT INTO PAGE (bottom right hand corner):

You can now edit the hyperlink so that it opens in a new window (see above) and also change the name by typing on the hyperlink.





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