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How to add icon shortcodes to your WordPress page

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You can add icons galore to your site, if you want. There are many options.

100’s of Font Awesome icons

Available in multiple sizes

Available in any colour

How to add an icon

To add an icon, click on INSERT SHORTCODE and then choose icons.

Select your icon and your colour – usually it is best to choose your theme highlight colour, but you could use any colour you want.

Then choose your size and your position.

Then click on INSERT.

You can add even more icons …

There is a large selection of icons in the icon plugin but, if you can’t see what you are looking for go to Font Awesome, choose an icon and manually enter the icon name into the icon="icon-name" attribute.

For example, to add this icon:

font awesome icon
You would add this code:

And to choose the colour, size and position you would also add this to the code:

[icon icon="user-secret" color="custom" size="36" position="block"]

and you would get this:

Attributes include:
icon="" – Font awesome icon name without the “fa-“.
color="" – There are a few pre styled colors to make things easy like Black, White, Grey etc.
override="" – You can override the pre styled colors with your custom HEX color.
size="" – There are several size options.
position="" – This allows you to make the icon either stand alone or inline with text.

Example code:

[icon icon="heart-o" color="default" override="#f37358" size="36" position="block"]


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