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We are a small but highly experienced WordPress design team with over 50 years of combined experience and hundreds of WordPress website designed and developed.

Working exclusively with WordPress, our creative team has accrued an amazing degree of WordPress experience working across a range of industries, from finance to building to boating, to design and develop beautiful, WordPress user-focused websites.

Jason & Lorna Marty at Kapsule
That's service with a capital S. They listen, they work with you and are prompt. (Millard Lowe, Principal - Assured Network)
We never considered asking anyone to design our new logo and website. Jason and Lorna did a wonderful job and we're super delighted with the result! I highly recommend them! Thank you so much! (Carmen Gowans - Gowans Print)

WordPress Developers Sydney

WordPress Designer

We are Sydney based web designers, but in an interconnected world, it is possible to work with clients from all over the globe.

So whether you are near or far, if you are looking for a WordPress web designer, contact Kapsule Websites.

Experienced Web Design

WordPress Website Experts

Work with us – we are experienced, professional WordPress web designers. An authority in developing affordable WordPress websites to drive business and increase income.

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Longstocking Studio home by Kapsule Websites
Level 7 feature by Kapsule Websites
Growing your WooCommerce Store

WordPress Specialists

WooCommerce Web Design

With more customers turning to to the internet when making a purchase – now is the time to sell online. Kapsule Websites makes it easy to get your products online with the power of WooCommerce.

Website Maintenance

Affordable WordPress Management

Keeping your website healthy and up-to-date is an important part of owning a WordPress website. That’s why Kapsule Websites offers a WordPress management that makes WordPress maintenance easy and pain-free and keeps your site secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions when choosing a WordPress website designer

  • Are Wordpress websites mobile friendly?

    Website visitors increasingly use their mobile phones to consume content; Kapsule creates websites that use responsive design so that your content adapts and resizes to all screen sizes. This means that no matter how your potential clients are accessing your content, your website design will always look amazing.

    Having a website that is built with Responsive Design is also important for your ranking in Google searches, as Google now apparently increases the ranking of sites that are mobile-friendly.

    If you would like to talk to us about your online presence, please contact Kapsule Websites.

  • Will my website use a template/theme or bespoke built?

    We do not use WordPress themes or templates.

    We created Kapsule Websites to deliver affordable WordPress websites which provide a bespoke look and feel. For years we had been exclusively creating custom websites with our company, Intervision Design. Our custom WordPress websites start from $5000 and we realised that for some clients this was beyond their budget.

    With this in mind, we started Kapsule Websites.

    We designed and built a vast array of design elements and building blocks which we customise and manipulate to tailor make a bespoke Kapsule site for each client.

    Your WordPress Kapsule website design will be unique to your business brand but will be more affordable as we are not building each and every element from scratch.

    As all the elements of your site are designed & coded by us, we know our sites inside out. This means we can easily add to your Kapsule website, adding extra functionality & design elements, where required.

  • Are images and content included within the WordPress web design package?

    Your website is a combination of engaging text, quality images and stunning website design. These elements (along with SEO, good coding and more), allow your site to attract and convert site visitors into customers.

    Your website design will only be as good as the content displayed, so it is important that all content pitches your business brand in the right light.

    If required, Kapsule Websites can provide assistance with copywriting, as well as image sourcing and purchase. We can also help with other aspects of content creation – working with your photographer, videographer and copywriter to perfect your online presence.

  • Do you provide WordPress maintenance for a Kapsule website?

    Your WordPress website requires maintenance and updates for good security & functioning.

    If you host your site with us, as part of our hosting service we provide security monitoring and plugin updates specific to your site and although we cannot guarantee that your site won’t be compromised the chances are greatly reduced.

    Website Maintenance: WP Theme & Plugin Updates

    Up-to-date software is essential for the security and performance of your website. We monitor your site and complete scheduled updates for your WordPress Core and WordPress Plugins – this minimises the chance of your site being hacked.

    Website Security

    We look after your site security with firewall protection, regular backups, software updates and various measures such as hardening access to the backend of your website.

    SSL Certificate

    As part of your hosting, we incorporate an SSL certificate (worth $78 + GST per year) into your site for free, which enables HTTPS on your website for added security. 

    Having a WordPress developer at hand to support your website ensures that you can focus on building your business while working with the reassurance that your website is being actively managed.

  • Can I update my Kapsule website myself?

    WordPress has evolved into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS) allowing for easy website updates.

    As part of your Kapsule website package we offer a phone training session to teach you how to edit your own site. Adding images, projects, posts and pages is easy. We also give you access to tutorials which will help you with editing and styling your site, allowing you to keep your website up-to-date with fresh content.

    And if you would like us to handle all your WordPress content updates – we can do that too. Just ask us for a quote.

  • Are emails included with your WordPress website hosting?

    Kapsule Websites delivers professional business-level services, this means that we understand the importance of having a robust email system. Kapsule Websites recommends the use of dedicated email services – please have a look at: Google Workspace.

    By using dedicated email servers specifically set up for the delivery of email means that you can operate your business communications with optimal control.

  • I already have a domain, can I use the same domain for my new website?

    Absolutely! If you already have a domain name and want to use it with your new Kapsule Website, just let us know, and we can link it to your new website. We just need your domain name login details.

  • I want a new domain name, can you register it for me?

    Sure thing. If you need us to help you choose a domain name we can – Kapsule Websites can assist with the registration of new domain names.

  • Do you offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for my new website?

    We offer an essential on-page SEO package which covers all the aspects we recommend for launch to guarantee that visitors find your business online.


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