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4 top things your website needs to include to convert visitors into customers

4 top things your website needs to include to convert visitors into customers
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You might be ranking in search engines. Your ads might be working well.  You might be getting lots of visitors to your site. But, if they are not converting into customers then are you winning?

So turn your site into lead-generating machine with these 4 elements.

1. A strong landing page

A first time user will judge you by your landing page – first impressions count after all.

A successful landing page needs to succinctly tell your story, provides relevant information to the site user and encourages them to explore more. And, as Neil Patel will tell you, it should have a killer headline, a persuasive sub-headline, high quality pictures, an explanation, a value proposition, a testimonial or 2 and a few other things.

2. Site Speed

If your site is slow to load, you will not only make a bad first impression on site visitors, you will also be ranked lower by Google, as site speed a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Check your site speed by going to a Webgrader, a site we love here are kapsulewebsites.

It is a free business tool that checks your website for site speed as well as your a bunch of other tests (mobile, social, and SEO elements), in under 30 seconds. Alternatively, consult Google’s PageSpeedTool to see how quickly your pages really load across devices.

3. A Powerful Call to Action

Make your CTA big and strong and compelling and if you want your site visitors to leave their email address, you are going to have to offer them something valuable & irresistible offer. So, think about what they would really want.

For more information, check out Neil Patel’s advice on CTAs, he is a marketing guru!

4. Great, valuable & worthwhile content

Invest in your content throughout your site, and this starts from the landing page. It is from the landing page that site visitors are enticed to read further, whether it be interesting blog posts or product information. Invest in creating good copy which is educational and useful to your site visitors and regularly update your site. Site visitors will not only reward you, but Google will too as Google loves fresh content.

There is obviously no right way to create a lead, however, there are tried and tested strategies that you, as a site owners, can use to build a solid lead generation foundation.

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